Global Sim Control Service

Global Sim Control Service

Turn any alarm system into an intelligent security system with Planet Security's M2M GLOBAL SIM GPRS service

The uninterrupted communication of your security system with the alarm receiving center is vital for your safety and for the safety of your property.

With the change of provider as well as with the conversion of your line to VOIP for a lower package of telephony charges, the connection to the central station is lost temporarily or permanently.

Planet Security offers you the solution to this problem with our new M2M GLOBAL SIM GPRS service. GPRS (GENERAL PACKET RADIO SERVICE) technology is used through mobile networks for voice-video-data transfer.

All that needs to be done is to connect the UNIVERSAL GPRS DTMF EMULATOR device of Planet Security with integrated GLOBAL SIM for M2M communications (Machine 2 Machine) and start enjoying at low cost the security provided by the uninterrupted communication of your alarm with the signal receiving Central Station.

Communication in this way is checked every 20" and in case of an incident the notification of the signal reception center is done in 5".

The UNIVERSAL device of Planet Security can be connected to any security system no matter how old technology it is and in this way turns it into a high end security system (as long as it has a CID FORMAT communication protocol)

planet security machine 2 machine