Our Infrastructure

Planet Security always complies with the current legislation, adopting high security standards in its area with Access Control, Surveillance, Emergency Button and Emergency Room systems. It is also equipped according to all the International Operating Standards of modern Alarm Receiving Centers.



  • It has state-of-the-art receivers for receiving signals via PSTN telephone lines.
  • Supports reception of signals via Internet, IP RECEIVING METHOD and via GSM-GPRS mobile telephony.
  • The electronic monitoring center - surveillance of guarded areas with cameras works in parallel with the reception of alarm signals, providing an effective and functional response to potential theft attempts.
  • The Signal Receiving Center has two programs for receiving alarm signals (GUARD II and ALARM CENTER SYS) installed in two simultaneous autonomous and synchronized PC networks which reset the usual maintenance problems (DOWNTIME) and ensure truly uninterrupted 24-HOUR monitoring combined, of course, always with support from 3 autonomous UPS.
  • Two fully synchronized generator pairs, 9KVA each.
  • Continuous monitoring of the telephone lines for cases of signal traffic blocking.
  • System for recording and recording incoming and outgoing telephone conversations to fully ensure our customers that the signals are properly served by our customers' security systems.
  • Person detection device in case of emergency and notification of the authorities
  • System of double SERVERS that are fully synchronized with each other with the latest mini cluster technology. In other words, TWO identical SERVERS operate 24/7 providing the possibility for maintenance - expansion - replacement of network PCs without any downtime. That is, real uninterrupted operation and not theoretical.
  • Web Interface of FOUROS II software allows our partners to have online control of their customers' signal history at any time.